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Neck pain BendigoIf you’re one of the numerous Australians who are suffering with neck pain or neck stiffness, you’ll be very happy to know that our validated Physiotherapy approach may offer the answer you have been trying to find .

Neck pain is extremely widespread with about one in 10 people dealing with it at any given time. This in not surprising when we look at the actions of todays lifestyles such as sitting in front of a computer, watching extended periods of television and an rising incidence of poor posture – especially forward head posture.

Issues with the neck may also cause a headache, shoulder pain, TMJ or jaw pain, pins and needles in the hands, carpal tunnel syndrome and upper back pain.
We hope that you will contact us for a comprehensive evaluation with one of our Physiotherapists if you frequently

experience any of these ,:
* chronic neck ache upon waking
* neck stiffness when looking behind you, as when you reverse a car
* clicking neck sound when twisting
* consistent sore neck muscles
* tingling within your hands or fingers

Causes of Neck Pain

By far the most common cause of neck pain relates to the effects of poor posture. In order to understand the impact of poor posture, we must first consider undoubtedly neck pain is poor posture. In order to comprehend the influence of poor posture, we have to first think about why spinal alignment inside the neck is very crucial .

Your head weighs in at about 5 kilograms and in natural alignment it is evenly balanced on your seven neck bones (vertebrae). Your neck muscles function very hard to sustain this position and easily endure short intervals of variation. The difficulty occurs whenever we assume awkward positions for extended periods, the fine balance is disrupted and the nerves, muscles, joints, ligaments and discs of your neck grow to be strained and irritated. The truth is , the tension in your neck and shoulder muscles doubles for every 2-3 cm’s that your head tilts forward! After a while the neck strain and pressure builds up to a point where it is chronic and even the tiniest alterations in posture cause substantial effects. Along with the stresses and demands of modern life, it is no wonder that neck pain is so widespread .

Other common reasons for neck pain include things like whiplash, arthritis and sporting injuries.

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Treatment for Neck Pain

Fortunately, Physiotherapy provides a powerful strategy for neck pain. After conducting a comprehensive history, orthopaedic and neurological evaluation , your Physiotherapist will suggest a treatment plan intended to reduce pressure, restore movement and prevent recurrence.

Typically, your Physiotherapist will suggest the following:

* postural advice and tips on how to prevent further strain
* a combination of spinal mobilisations to recover proper movement in the neck vertebrae
* massage for tight neck muscles
* neck movements to promote better movement
* neck strengthening routines
* heat/ice treatment to help control your neck pain
* suggest a contoured pillow to produce correct support while sleeping.



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