Physiotherapy For Sports Injuries in Bendigo

At Physiotherapy Centre Bendigo we have physiotherapists who regularly play sport and understand the demands of sport. Post graduate training in assessing and treating sports injuries and working with sporting teams and elite level athletes means we have the  experience and skills to  treat all types of sporting injuries, from acute injuries to the more chronic lingering injuries that may be the result of over use or poor sporting technique.

Who do we treat?

At Physiotherapy Centre Bendigo our physiotherapists treat everybody from elite athletes to the recreational sports people and we cater for all age groups. Our aim is to bring elite level care to all our patients.

Common Sporting Injuries We Treat:

  • Sports Injuries BendigoNeck and back related sports injuries
  • Rotator cuff strain and other shoulder injuries
  • Elbow pain and arm injuries
  • Wrists and finger injuries
  • Hamstring strains and tears
  • Hip strains and groin pain
  • Quadriceps and thigh strains
  • Corked muscles
  • Knee pain and injuries
  • Calf strains and tears
  • Achilles injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Ankle sprains

Treatment for Sports Injuries

What can you expect during your treatment?

Accurate assessment and correct diagnosis is the key to getting you back to your sport as quickly as possible. Our knowledge, skills and experience means we will quickly make a diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment which can be specially tailored to the person in order to get the best recovery possible. The plan will have clear time frames and sport specific requirements.  The immediate aim of treatment is to reduce pain and inflammation while protecting the injured structure from more harm. Hands on treatment will help you recover rapidly. Once your pain has settled our physiotherapists will focus on more functional and sports specific rehabilitation possibly utilising our Hydrotherapy Pool and Clinical Pilates equipment to ensure full recovery and minimise re-injury.

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What techniques do our Physiotherapists use?

Our physiotherapists use all the latest techniques to maximise your recovery including soft tissue therapy, joint mobilisation, dry needling, Kinesio® Tex taping,  individualised exercise programs Hydrotherapy for early rehab and Clinical Pilates.

How do we ensure a safe return to your sport?

During your rehabilitation your treating physiotherapist can liaise with your coach, personal trainer or other involved party if required to ensure your safe return to your sporting activity when you are ready.

If you are injured don’t delay, the sooner you get your injury assessed and treated, the better your recovery will be and your return to your beloved sport.

Instant Action:  Minimise the impact of your sporting Injury

If you injure yourself on or off the sporting field, be sure to take fast measures. Use ice to lower swelling and call your physiotherapist for suitable care. It is our aim to assess you as early as practical after a sport injury, and we recommend you to contact us as soon as possible.

Our goal is to assist you achieve your goal – to get back to your chosen sport fast!

Our physiotherapists are members of the APA Sports Physiotherapy group and we hold membership to Sports Medicine Australia



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