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Whiplash in BendigoPhysiotherapy Centre Bendigo provides help for whiplash and whiplash neck sprain throughout Bendigo and the surrounding local communities.

What is Whiplash?

A whiplash neck sprain develops when your head is abruptly jolted forward and backward in a whip-like movement, typically in a car crash , or “rear-ender”. These movements produce substantial force, commonly causing the neck to go far beyond its usual range of movement and causes harm to the fragile supporting structures of the neck. Whiplash is essentially a sprain of the joints in the neck (vertebral dysfunction).
Whiplash may also be a consequence of forceful sporting incidents that cause similar stress to the neck joints, ligaments, muscles and discs.

Who is most susceptible to Whiplash?

Whiplash neck sprains aren’t unusual . About 2 in 3 people involved in automobile accidents suffer from neck pain (with or without other injuries). A lot of people are surprised with the onset of neck pain after even minor accidents some hours after the incident . It’s important to remember that even minor car bumps may cause sufficient whipping of the neck to trigger symptoms. Less frequently , whiplash can happen from everyday mishaps including jolting your neck when you trip or fall.

Symptoms of Whiplash

As the symptoms of whiplash vary , these represent the most typical effects:

  • Neck pain
  • Head seems too heavy for the neck
  • Decreased neck action
  • A stiff neck
  • Pain from the shoulders and arms
  • Prickling in the arms and fingers
  • Lightheadedness , headache, blurry vision and discomfort on swallowing
  • Irritability and trouble focusing

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Treatment for Whiplash

Physiotherapy treatments for whiplash is very effective. All Physiotherapy care starts with a through history, orthopaedic, neurological and spinal evaluation to find out the source of your neck pain. Diagnostic imaging including xray, CT and MRI scans can also be necessary to fully assess the damage.

Treatment includes decreasing pain and inflammation and stabilising your neck to prevent additional injury . Ice is probably the most effective natural anti-inflammatory method and it is extremely soothing when your neck is aching .

If you can to support your head and neck, it is particularly important to keep your neck mobile as opposed to immobilizing it in a soft cervical collar. Research indicates that you are more likely to make a fast recovery if you do frequent neck exercises, and keep your neck active instead of resting it for lengthy periods in a collar.

As your pain diminishes, and your stability increases, your physiotherapist will massage and carefully mobilise your spinal joints to help increase your neck function and reduce nerve pressure.

Some other helpful advice is to steer clear of poor neck posture in your daily routine and to make use of a firm supportive contoured pillow at night.

Whiplash is responsive to Physiotherapy treatment, with most people enjoying significant improvement within weeks of starting treatment.



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